Corona Virus: Pandemic Update

Use the current state of institutional disorganization to your advantage.

Corona Virus

The “shelter in place” and its progeny have reshaped many institutions, including the criminal justice system and the Department of Motor Vehicles (“DMV”).

Notably, courts were initially closed and only partially reopened.  Court related functions have been transformed from a largely in person forum to a primarily remote/Zoom type contact.

While closed, courts unilaterally continued/postponed cases scheduled during the closure.  Defendants may or may not have received “notice” about their court dates and times being rescheduled.  Court caseloads that already were heavy pre pandemic have now mushroomed even more.  By continuing/postponing their pre pandemic caseload, courts have only added to their post “shelter in place” caseload.  Prosecutors are also overwhelmed by the sheer number of cases.  Similarly, the DMV is mired in a backlog of hearings.

If you presently have a DUI case, you can and should use this institutional disorganization that almost at times could be characterized as “foreseeable chaos,” to your advantage.


By hiring a skilled local practitioner, Mark Blair, who is intimately aware of your local court’s conditions, you could reap considerable advantages.  Mark can exploit the disarray in which the courts and prosecutors, as well as the DMV, find themselves.  The opportunity is ripe to improve the outcome in your case both at court and at the DMV.